Graduate students


Number of students who finished

Number of current full-time students

PDFs and visiting scholars



PhD (supervisor)



PhD (co-supervisor)






MS (co-supervisor)








Research Scientists and Visiting Professors

·         Dr. Izmail Batkin (2009-2014) Blood pressure measurements and bioimpedance measurements


Post-doctoral fellows

·         Isar Nejadgholi (2013-2014), Topic: Biompedance measurements


Current full–time students

·         Hershel Caytak (Ph.D.) 2011-2014, Topic: Improving efficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation systems

·         Yu Wang (Ph.D – CSC scholarship from China) 2012-2016, Instruction-level fault-tolerant computing techniques

·         Jing Wang (Ph.D. – CSC scholarship from China) 2012-2016, RFID and Internet of things.


·         Gregory Somers (M.Sc.) (2013-2015)

·         Gang Hao (M.Sc.) (2013-2014)

·         Xinyang Zhang (M.Sc.) (2014-2016)


Current part–time students

·         Jonathan Parri (Ph.D. - OGS Scholar) 2010-2015, Topic: Optimal allocation of hardware resources

·         Mira Vrbaski (Ph.D.) 2013-2018




Visiting professors/scholars

·         Prof. Amir Rajabzadeh (2012-2014) Computer Architecture research

·         Luo Wuming (2013-2014) Active RFID systems – visiting scholar from China

·         Siqin Zhao (2013-2014),  visiting scholar from China


Research associates

·         Saif Ahmad, 2008-2013, Topic: ECG-Assisted Blood Pressure Measurement Systems, (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza and Prof. Hilmi Dajani)

·         Shan Zhao, 2010-2011, Topic: Complex event processing for RFID systems (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza)

·         Abeye Mekonnen (2012-2014), Topics: Simulation of the current propagation during non-invasive brain stimulation.


Postdoctoral fellows

·         Mohammad Forouzanfar (2014-2014): Topic: Classification of the human actions and breathing using CW radars

·         Crystal Villeneuve (2012-2014), Topic: Clinical trial of opioid addiction to assess the extended viability of tDCS stimulation

·         Shiva Gholami (2014-2014), Topic: Biompedance measurements

·         Abid Muslim Malik (Post-doctoral fellow), Nov 2008- Apr 2009, Topic, Compilers for multiprocessing systems on chip (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza).

·         Pankaj K. Mishra (Research associate), 2009 - 2010. Topic: RFID for underground detection (co-supervised with M. Yagoub) – now with Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, India

·         Subhasis Banerjee (Post-doctoral fellow), 2009-2010, Computer architecture research

·         Balakumar Balasingam (Post-doctoral fellow), 2008-2010, Topic: Complexity reduction of particle filters.

·         Soojeong Lee, 2009-2010, Topic: Confidence levels for blood pressure measurement (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza and Prof. Hilmi Dajani)


Ph.D students

·         Mohamed Mabrouk (Ph.D.) – Scholarship from Egypt) 2012-2015, Topics: Signal Processing of Ultra-Wideband Radar Signals for Human Detection behind Walls (main supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Sreeraman Rajan).

·         Frédéric Mustière, (Ph.D.) 2006-2010, Topic: Speech enhancement in real-world environments using state-space based algorithms (co-supervised with Prof. Martin Bouchard)

·         Brady Laska (Ph.D.) 2007-2010, Topic: Transform Domain Model-Based Wideband Speech Enhancement with Hearing Aid Applications (co-supervised with Prof. Rafik Goubran) – now with Research in Motion, Ottawa, Canada


M.Sc. Students

·         Ovidiu Draghici (M.Sc.) 2010-2014, Topic: The MouthPad – a Tongue Interface for Hands-Free Computer Control

·         Hassan Ahmad Roshan (M.Sc.) 2012-2013, Topic: Eloping Prevention, Occupancy Detection and Localizing System for Smart Healthcare Applications

·         Iype Joseph (M.Sc.) 2012 -2013, Acceleration of Java programs on embedded GPUs (co-supervised with Prof. Groza)

·         Majed Rostamian (M.Sc.) 2011-2014, Topic: Localization and Proximity Detection in the Internet of Things Based on an Augmented UHF RFID System

·         Josip Popovic (M.Sc.) 2009-2013, FPGA-Based Coprocessors for Clouds.

·         Chamira Perera (M.Sc.) 2010-2013, Topic: Improving Digital Control System Performance Through a Novel Jitter Compensating Method (Co-supervised with Prof. Trevor Pierce)

·         Bardia Bandali (M.Sc.) 2011-2013, Topic: Steady-State Analysis of Nonlinear

·         Circuits using the Harmonic Balance on GPU (cosupervised with Emad Gad)

·         Wei Wang  (M.Sc.), 2012-2013, Topic: Accessing an FPGA-based Hardware Accelerator in a Paravirtualized Environment

·         Alexey Borisenko (M.Sc.) 2010-2012, Topic: Augumented RFID system with localization capabilities

·         Majid Mafi (MS), 2009-2011, Topic: Blood Pressure Estimation using Oscillometric Pulse Morphology (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza)

·         Tzu Hao Li (MS), 2008-2011, Topic: Open Platform Semi-Passive Ultra High

·         Frenquency Radio Frequency Identication Tag.

·         Michael Montcalm (MS) 2008-2011, Topics: An ILP-based Task and Instruction Scheduling Algorithm for Instruction Set Extended Symmetrical Homogeneous Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza) – now with Alcatel.

·         Vishal Thareja (MS) 2007-2010, Topic: Design space exploration for RISC Processors- now with Synopsys.

·         Silu Chen (MS) 2008-2010, Topic: Improving Algorithms for Oscillometric Blood Pressure Estimation by Suppressing Breathing Effects (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza).

·         Jonathan Parri (MS) 2008-2010, Topic: Effective Modeling for Selection and

·         Integration of Custom Instructions for Hybrid System-on-Chips (co-supervised with Prof. Voicu Groza)

·         Daniel Shapiro (M.Sc.) 2007-2008, Title: Design and Implementation of Instruction Set Extension Identification for a Multiprocessor System-on-chip Hardware/Software Co-design Toolchain. 

·         Frédéric Mustière, (M.Sc.) 2004-2006, Title: Particle Filter methods for Speech Processing (co-supervised with Prof. Martin Bouchard)

·         Haseeb Syed, (MS of Science) 2005-2008, Title: Radio Frequency Identification and its Application in Tracking Vehicles.